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  • Khaleda Rajab & Fahad Almarzouq glasses


    What do you get when you mix Bahraini and Kuwaiti style? Eclectic mixes of stylishly outlandish and daring designs with flair, these designers have the “it” factor. Khaleda is known as a couture designer in the Middle East and has worked at making her personal brad stand out from the rest through eye catching and attention grabbing designs you would normally expect to see on the like of Lady Gaga. She has also managed to open up her own boutique which also supplies higher end department stores in the area; she was also named as the best dressed woman in the Middle East, and with competition from celebrities like Haifa Wehbe that is no easy feat to achieve.

    Fahad on the other hand has mastered the art of making designer handbags in his area which is very competitive. He has managed to shine in an area where it is not common for handbag makers to become renowned. He has also managed to improve and perfect his shoe making skills. Together these two designers are a very creative synergy that can only produce great things.

    They also joined the Linda Farrow group in order to launch a very successful line of sunglasses. Keep a look out for their newer collections to be released soon. If you are into trendy and daring designs that are au current and can make you look more stylish then this is the brand for you. Make sure to be as daring as you need to be and bring out your inner King or Queen!