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  • Chrome Hearts sunglasses


    You don’t need to own a motorcycle to wear this brand; you would look cool if you did though. Chrome Hearts sunglasses are well known for their gothic edge. The aviator style frames also carry an heir of unbridled coolness and endless swag. We expect nothing less from this international brand that has quickly expanded to having teams of physical stores on 3 continents. Good quality frames are also what you will receive with this brand.

    The founder, Richard Stark has managed to create a brand where everyone is involved and can see a part of them reflected in the pieces produced from the collections. This very brand ethic is what has made Chrome Hearts such a popular choice for sunglasses on the fashion scene today. This may be because ultimately we all want to be a part of a brand that is conscious of how its audience perceives them and what they want.

    Marrying these two very important factors together has been one of the reasons that celebrities all the way in Asia have been seen wearing the eyewear. Recently the daughters of famous Dutch model Yolanda Foster, Gigi and Bella Hadid were featured in the new Chrome Hearts campaign. Gigi, a well established runway and editorial model brought a fresh fashion feel to the brand which had previously been viewed as gothic and somewhat dark. Our collection also features some of the more commercial pieces so that even if you are a newcomer and have never heard of the brand, you are likely to find something suited to you.

    We also offer the option of adding prescription lenses to your sunglasses which makes you not only feel stylish but comfortable.