Ray-Ban Top Prescription Lenses

Our top Ray-Ban lens is the latest lens evolution from Ray-Ban. This lens is derived from the individualised single vision lens with the fully adjustable position of wear parameters. This advanced lens is also a Ray-Ban DST, which is digitally optimised on the back surface to guarantee high definition vision with greater clarity, wider field of vision and reduce eye strain. 

Single Vision Ray-Ban Top Amplified Lenses

Top Features:

The latest evolution of these individualised single vision lens, with fully adjustable position of wear parameters.

Maximum Performance and natural vision for the wearer. 

New and most improved Ray-Ban lenses. 


Progressive/ Varifocal Top Ray-Ban Amplified Top Lenses

Top Features:

The state of the art progressive or varifocal lenses with fully adjustable position of wear parameters. 

High Performance.

Ergonomic vision profile for everyday wear and the digital user.

A must for advanced optical quality for everyday use.


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