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    LINDBERG Glasses

    Visit our flagship London store on Chiswick High Road to see the latest LINDBERG glasses collections. Our LINDBERG specialists will be happy to help you with any questions and help you find a pair most suitable for you. Please call us on 0203 441 1955 to arrange an appointment. Prices start from £269.


    LINDBERG frames are like no other frame currently in existence. The brand insists on providing good details and craftsmanship.This brand was created by Danish optician, Poul-Jorn Lindeberg who was looking for a personal pair of frames after he discovered that he needed spectacles. Having searched high and low, he found that he couldn’t find frames that weren’t bulky or heavy - he concluded that the ideal glasses should be as light and close to invisible as possible - neither seen nor felt.
    Lindeberg then teamed up with another Danish creative thinker, architect Hans Dissing, thus the Air Titanium frames were born.

    Lindberg Spirit and NOW collection Lindberg Spirit and NOW glasses uk

    Rimless Titanium glasses for reading or distance

    The eyewear designs feature exclusive, responsibly sourced, high-quality materials including titanium, platinum, gold and diamonds with some models even available in natural animal horn.

    LINDBERG Air Titanium

    Recognised as the world’s first official rimless titanium frame, the LINDBERG Air Titanium spectacles can weigh as little as 2.7 grams making them a delightful first choice for people who love wearing glasses but don’t want them to consume their entire identity. The also spawned the LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim which are full rimless frames that can weigh as little as 3grams. Both designs are unique in their own way and have received unparalleled critical acclaim across the eyewear industry. Maverick & Wolf are one of the authorised sellers of this frame in the London area. We provide a variety of options, alongside a tailored shopping experience, that can make sure your LINDBERG frames are as customisable as possible. The LINDBERG Air Titanium frames are well noted for their patented hinge-free design.

    LINDBERG Spirit

    The LINDBERG Spirit is one of the most popular ranges in our Chiswick showroom. Under the Spirit blanket, we have the 2000 Sprit and 2000 Sprit8. Both versions have their own individual uses and uniqueness. The LINDBERG 2000 Sprit is a fully rimless frame that has been released and made available with three different temple designs. The main materials for the aforementioned temple designs are: titanium wire, titanium plate or acetate and the customisable option we demonstrate in store via a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. The freedom and versatility lies within the palm of your hands and it’s all up to you. The 2000 Sprit8 has been specifically designed and developed for base curve lenses. The lenses are cemented into the frame with glue under UV light making them secure and unmovable. The LINDBERG Spirit frames also come with the well beloved Spirit hingeless design.


    The LINDBERG now collection from Maverick & Wolf has allowed for many decadent and elegant frames to be available to us. Featuring many of the same patented and well loved frame designs, this collection has a thin composite hypoallergenic front and lightweight titanium temples which make the glasses much easier to wear in a daily basis. The LINDBERG N.O.W collection also has the option to be customised. High-tech nano coating has also been applied for optimal scratch resistance. Available with the glasses, is the option of four different nose pads which as skin-friendly and designed to give optimal comfort.

    LINDBERG Acetanium

    For those of you really looking to get into the LINDBERG brand, the 1000 Acetanium is definitely one of the biggest examples of superior frame technology and craftsmanship in play. This collection includes acetate frames with titanium touches. This in turn produces a distinctly and unapologetically retro and elegant range of frames that are suited to both men and women. As is with every LINDBERG frame, comfort and versatility is the main focus and is key.

    LINDBERG Strip Titanium

    The LINDBERG Strip Titanium collection features full-plated frames in which both the front and temples are made entirely of a laser cut titanium plate. The catalogue of frame colours includes a stunning range of cool tones to warm and inviting hues. The LINDBERG Strip Titanium collection includes temples in three different lengths which are easily adjustable and ensure a custom and personalised perfect fit. To ensure a more “cushioned” feel, there is a special type of rubber on the temples. In every aspect: design, functionality and aesthetic; LINDBERG are making sure their prowess and craftsmanship is recognised and undoubtedly superior.

    All LINDBERG frames come with the option to have your name, address, telephone number or any special engraving of up to 27 characters within the inner frame arm. This is a little special touch that will make them feel a little more closer to home and personal. If you have any questions or ever need to have your frames adjusted you can always come to Maverick & Wolf. We also have a few selections from the Kids and Teen collections. The main features are that they are light, flexible and strong. This is very important for children and teens who need to be free and active.

    When you visit our store to choose your frames, you can combine your favourite designs with the most eye-catching or subtle details and pick the material of your preference – making each and every frame truly unique and customised. Each pair of glasses is hand-finished and individually numbered.

    There are several hundred LINDBERG stores and high end fashion shops selling Lindberg across the globe including in the fashion centre cities; London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Even some of today’s biggest stars have chosen LINDBERG frames, including; Bill Gates, Ross Brown, Elton John, Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones. The LINDBERG frames are increasingly popular as they are designed to sustain comfort and a sleek and simple appearance. The basic designs and colours mean that it’ll go with anything in your wardrobe for any occasion possible. The colours comprise mostly of silvers, blacks and whites.

    Lindberg Eyewear Collection