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Frame Size Guide 

cutler and grossChoosing the right frame size is very important as it determines how comfortable or well fitting your glasses  or sunglasses will be. That is why here at Maverick and Wolf we are determined to make the process much easier for you by helping you make an informed decision about what your actual frame size is. Make sure that you enter your details as accurately as possible during the ordering process. 

Do not forget to check whether the information you have entered is correct and goes along with the information on your prescription. This is because when we receive your prescription and lens order we are unable to make any changes to your prescription. Thus if it is incorrect then you may be liable to pay for any changes that may need to be made.  




How to find your frame size

 If you already wear prescription glasses then you can find your frame size on the inside of the frame arm, as illustrated in the image below. Sometimes this information may be found near the ear piece, on the size of the nose pad or right across the bridge. All measurements for your frame size will be in millimetres (mm).

frame size


The orange box above holds the information about the frame size of the Chanel 3229 – Q prescription glasses. However the format for writing and displaying the frame size is universal. 51 – 17 represents the actual frame size, this is what you would enter when you fill out your prescription on our website. 135 represents the length of the frame arm.

front view chanel glasses


There are two numbers for the frame size because both the lens size and the distance between the lenses (otherwise known as DBL) need to be measured. The order of the numbers when displayed is always in the format of frame size – distance between lenses. Therefore, in this case the frame size is 51mm and the distance between the lenses (as illustrated in the image above) is 17mm. 

When you order your prescription glasses on line, it is common to find the measurements for the side length. However if you do not see this, you can always contact us and we will happily assist you. The frame arm length and where to look are illustrated in the image below. 

Side view frame length


Making sure your frames fit perfectly

Cutler and grossYour glasses should sit firmly and comfortably on the bridge of your nose. There must be no gaps at all, if there are then this is a clear sign that your glasses may need re-adjusting. 

There are two main types of adjustable frames, and these are metal and acetate frames. It is important to note that if your glasses need adjusting then it is better to have your optician or an eye wear professional do it for you.

With metal frames the hinges of the nose pads (like most prescription glasses) can be easily adjusted. Be careful when adjusting the hinges as they can break or bend if too much force is used.

With acetate frames adjusting the hinges of the nose pads can be done, but with great difficulty. We recommend that you visit your optician so as to get them professionally adjusted.