Classic Glasses

These are the glasses that have defied decades and trends. Timeless. Always a must have in your collection or the first of many! (Suitable for all types of lenses including varifocals)
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  1. Ray-Ban RB7047
    Ray-Ban RB7047
  2. Ray-Ban RB2447V
    Ray-Ban RB2447V
  3. Persol PO3007V
    Persol PO3007V
  4. Emporio Armani EA3038
    Emporio Armani EA3038
  5. Persol PO3213V
    Persol PO3213V
  6. Fendi Signature-F Is FF0331
    Fendi Signature-F Is FF0331
  7. Mulberry VML020
    Mulberry VML020
  8. Kate Spade Makensie
    Kate Spade Makensie
  9. Giorgio Armani AR7004
    Giorgio Armani AR7004
  10. Mulberry VML019
    Mulberry VML019
  11. Michael Kors Adrianna IV MK3012
    Michael Kors Adrianna IV MK3012
  12. Versace VE3266
    Versace VE3266
  13. Hugo Boss 0932
    Hugo Boss 0932
  14. Hugo Boss 1015
    Hugo Boss 1015
  15. Kate Spade Kaileigh
    Kate Spade Kaileigh
  16. Mulberry VML017
    Mulberry VML017
  17. Jimmy Choo JM004
    Jimmy Choo JM004
  18. Bvlgari BV4169
    Bvlgari BV4169
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Classic Designer Glasses

And then there are what we at Fashioneyewear call “the Classics”. They are the timeless classics which will never look “old fashioned”. Welcome to our classic fashion staples page with its huge range of designer brands from Dior, Gucci, Ray-Ban and Tiffany. They all come in a variety of shapes, styles and colourways for you to choose from. We know there will be a forever frame you will love!