Bestsellers for Men

The bestselling glasses are a perfect blend of the old and new. The never out of fashion to what's on trend right now! The safe option. (Suitable for all types of lenses including varifocals)
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  1. Ray-Ban RB7047
    Ray-Ban RB7047
  2. Ray-Ban RB7066
    Ray-Ban RB7066
  3. Givenchy GV0047
    Givenchy GV0047
  4. Oakley Pitchman R OX8105
    Oakley Pitchman R OX8105
  5. Ray-Ban RB8901
    Ray-Ban RB8901
  6. Oakley Airdrop OX8046
    Oakley Airdrop OX8046
  7. Emporio Armani EA1041
    Emporio Armani EA1041
  8. Oakley Steel Plate OX3222
    Oakley Steel Plate OX3222
  9. Hugo Boss 0679/N
    Hugo Boss 0679/N
  10. Hugo Boss 1005
    Hugo Boss 1005
  11. Oakley Pitchman OX8050
    Oakley Pitchman OX8050
  12. Barton Perreira Stax
    Barton Perreira Stax
  13. Hugo Boss 0610/N
    Hugo Boss 0610/N
  14. Paul Smith ALDER
    Paul Smith ALDER
  15. Paul Smith ANDERSON
    Paul Smith ANDERSON
  16. Paul Smith ADELAIDE
    Paul Smith ADELAIDE
  17. Paul Smith ABBOTT
    Paul Smith ABBOTT
  18. Oakley Metalink OX8153
    Oakley Metalink OX8153
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Men’s Bestselling Glasses

A combination of bestselling timeless frames and the latest trends - our bestsellers for men. Are you sick of your old frames, or maybe you want a few styles to switch between? We have the best glasses for you. Shop Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples to Dior in a range of colourways and shapes. If you want a classic, go for a Havana or black in a round or rectangular shape. Or if you are after something a little bit bolder go for a vibrant colourway and oversized frame. Maybe you could be playful with lens tints? The choice is yours.

Remember you can add your prescription to our bestselling glasses at the check-out. We have both varifocal and single vision lenses available from the most advanced lens brands; Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Oakley, and our own Fashion Eyewear packages. Then as well as lens coating to give longevity and durability to your eyewear.