Thom Browne

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  1. Thom Browne TBS113
    Thom Browne TBS113
  2. Thom Browne TBS112
    Thom Browne TBS112
  3. Thom Browne TBS912
    Thom Browne TBS912
  4. Thom Browne TBS812
    Thom Browne TBS812
  5. Thom Browne TBS111
    Thom Browne TBS111
  6. Thom Browne TBS908
    Thom Browne TBS908
  7. Thom Browne TBS510
    Thom Browne TBS510
  8. Thom Browne TBS907
    Thom Browne TBS907
  9. Thom Browne TBS409
    Thom Browne TBS409
  10. Thom Browne TB903 SUN
    Thom Browne TB903 SUN
  11. Thom Browne TB806
    Thom Browne TB806
  12. Thom Browne TB801
    Thom Browne TB801
  13. Thom Browne TB110 SUN
    Thom Browne TB110 SUN
  14. Thom Browne TB105
    Thom Browne TB105
  15. Thom Browne TB015-LTD
    Thom Browne TB015-LTD
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Our Thom Browne sunglasses collection is diverse and has the same tone of design that can be called similar to the optical line. Known for his almost, obsessive attention to detail Thom Browne has poured the very essence of his being into perfecting his sunglasses line. As a result, Thom Browne sunglasses have gained a reputation for being some of the most appreciated and accepted pieces of eyewear in the fashion industry.

He was quoted as saying, “As a designer, I am supposed to provoke people’s reactions and get them to see things differently. That is the only way to move forward.” This way of thinking, as well as the dedication to his craft, is what has kept the brand alive and thriving under the tough conditions of the fashion industry for more than a decade.

One of the most memorable moments on the journey to creating an awesome sunglasses line includes his 2011 collaboration with Dita Eyewear (which we also sell here at Fashion Eyewear). Together, the two brands released a unisex line of sunglasses that were well received and documented in printed media as the pieces of the season. The line was inspired by the 50’s and 60’s and reflected the design aesthetic the designer was going for at the time.

Each frame is recognisable and can be related to the Thom Browne brand which looks classy, elegant and not too obvious.