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  1. David Beckham DB7007S
    David Beckham DB7007S
    From: £183.00
  2. Moschino MOS048/S
    Moschino MOS048/S
    From: £234.00
  3. Oakley Square Wire OO4075
    Oakley Square Wire OO4075
    From: £231.00
  4. Oakley Square Wire OO4075 Prescription Sunglasses
    Oakley Square Wire OO4075 Prescription Sunglasses
    From: £162.00
  5. Oakley Straightlink OO9331
    Oakley Straightlink OO9331
    From: £174.00
  6. Oakley Turbine OO9263
    Oakley Turbine OO9263
    From: £186.00
  7. Oakley Turbine OO9263 Prescription Sunglasses
    Oakley Turbine OO9263 Prescription Sunglasses
    From: £150.00
  8. Oakley Twoface OO9189
    Oakley Twoface OO9189
    From: £174.00
  9. Oliver Peoples Clifton OV1150S
    Oliver Peoples Clifton OV1150S
    From: £336.00
  10. Persol PO2747S
    Persol PO2747S
    From: £228.00
  11. Persol PO3059S
    Persol PO3059S
    From: £258.00
  12. Polaroid Junior P0115
    Polaroid Junior P0115
  13. Polaroid Junior P0300
    Polaroid Junior P0300
  14. Polaroid Junior PLD8001/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8001/S
  15. Polaroid Junior PLD8006/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8006/S
  16. Polaroid Junior PLD8009/N
    Polaroid Junior PLD8009/N
  17. Polaroid Junior PLD8020/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8020/S
  18. Polaroid PLD3018/S
    Polaroid PLD3018/S
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Rectangle Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of rectangular sunglasses in their collection - they never go out of fashion! This sleek and contemporary shape is flattering for all face shapes, but suits especially round or oval faces. The rectangular shape is easy to spot: their frames are wider than they are tall, designed with edged frames which portray a fashionable yet sophisticated sporty aesthetic. Shop our large range of designer rectangular glasses from iconic brands like Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples and Prada. You can try them on using our virtual try-on, then add your personalised lenses in your prescription. We also offer polarised, gradient, mirror as well as a vast selection of coloured tints to complete your eyewear package!