Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples

The mysterious elegance of the Hollywood-born, Californian lifestyle inspired Oliver Peoples eyewear collection features a reinterpretation of classic styling to create refined, modern looks with quirky cool sunglasses designs.

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  1. Oliver Peoples Fairmont SUN OV5219S
    Oliver Peoples Fairmont SUN OV5219S
    From: £288.00
  2. Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck SUN OV5217S
    Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck SUN OV5217S
    From: £288.00
  3. Oliver Peoples Board Meeting 2 OV1230ST
    Oliver Peoples Board Meeting 2 OV1230ST
  4. Oliver Peoples O'Malley SUN OV5183S
    Oliver Peoples O'Malley SUN OV5183S
    From: £327.00
  5. Oliver Peoples Casian OV5444SU
    Oliver Peoples Casian OV5444SU
    From: £297.00
  6. Oliver Peoples Lachman Sun OV5419SU
    Oliver Peoples Lachman Sun OV5419SU
    From: £303.00
  7. Oliver Peoples OV5397SU
    Oliver Peoples OV5397SU
    From: £357.00
  8. Oliver Peoples Finley ESQ. SUN OV5298SU
    Oliver Peoples Finley ESQ. SUN OV5298SU
    From: £261.00
  9. Oliver Peoples Cary Grant OV5413SU
    Oliver Peoples Cary Grant OV5413SU
    From: £327.00
  10. Oliver Peoples Martineaux OV5450SU
    Oliver Peoples Martineaux OV5450SU
    From: £327.00
  11. Oliver Peoples Bernardo OV5189S
    Oliver Peoples Bernardo OV5189S
    From: £297.00
  12. Oliver Peoples OV5437SU
    Oliver Peoples OV5437SU
    From: £357.00
  13. Oliver Peoples MP-2 SUN OV1104S
    Oliver Peoples MP-2 SUN OV1104S
    From: £357.00
  14. Oliver Peoples ?pour Berluti Sheldrake Leather OV5036SQ
    Oliver Peoples ?pour Berluti Sheldrake Leather OV5036SQ
    From: £312.00
  15. Oliver Peoples Coleridge Sun OV1186S
    Oliver Peoples Coleridge Sun OV1186S
    From: £297.00
  16. Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU
    Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun OV5393SU
    From: £357.00
  17. Oliver Peoples Remick OV5349S
    Oliver Peoples Remick OV5349S
    From: £327.00
  18. Oliver Peoples Clifton OV1150S
    Oliver Peoples Clifton OV1150S
    From: £336.00
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Why Choose Oliver Peoples sunglasses?

If you love sunglasses that are totally discreet and subtle when it comes to branding, you will love Oliver Peoples. The brand's eyewear collection has been designed to not use any other-the-top branding or special logos. Only those who are very familiar with the brand are able to recognise its distinctive eyewear. Celebrity fans of this brand include Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Bateman, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Rihanna, and Jay Z who are well known for wearing designer sunglasses whenever they're out and about.

The Oliver Peoples Story

American brothers Larry Leight and Dennis Leight opened their first optical boutique in 1986. The brothers bought their first collection of vintage eyewear frames and signed their receipt under the name “Oliver Peoples”. So when the duo decided to release their own collection of frames and spectacles a year after, they felt that is was only right to use the name for their brand. Oliver Peoples frames are significantly different to any other optical model out there.

Oliver Peoples is unique and totally distinctive; by getting rid of the entire labelling which most designer brands love to do, Oliver Peoples frames become almost anonymous. Another great benefit of the company’s products is that all of the eyewear has names instead of numbers so you can ask for a frame specifically by model name. Popular sunglasses models include Benedict, Gregory Peck, Sheldrake, Fairmont and Remick.

Oliver Peoples & Zooey Deschanel

In 2013, the LA-based brand teamed up with actress Zooey Deschanel for her second short film titled Catch a Tuesday. Oliver Peoples even dedicated a beautiful frame in her name. The collections of sunglasses are cool and quirky but also stylish and sophisticated. Whether you are into retro-inspired designs or prefer a modern take on retro designs, there’s a frame in this collection for you.