Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

The American brand describes itself as slightly bohemian and a little bit off-colour. Channelling the independent spirit, the Marc Jacobs sunglasses designs are current and risqué, aimed at the fashion trendsetters, not the followers.

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  1. Marc Jacobs Marc 415/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 415/S
    From: £123.00
  2. Marc Jacobs Marc 336/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 336/S
    From: £81.00
  3. Marc Jacobs Marc 468/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 468/S
    From: £120.00
  4. Marc Jacobs Marc 351/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 351/S
  5. Marc Jacobs Marc 357/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 357/S
  6. Marc Jacobs Marc 528/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 528/S
    From: £81.00
  7. Marc Jacobs Marc 69/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 69/S
  8. Marc Jacobs Marc 421/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 421/S
    From: £90.00
  9. Marc Jacobs Marc 310/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 310/S
    From: £90.00
  10. Marc Jacobs Marc 458/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 458/S
    From: £81.00
  11. Marc Jacobs Marc 530/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 530/S
    From: £114.00
  12. Marc Jacobs Marc 526/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 526/S
    From: £81.00
  13. Marc Jacobs Marc 493/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 493/S
    From: £105.00
  14. Marc Jacobs Marc 406/G/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 406/G/S
  15. Marc Jacobs MJ 1007/S
    Marc Jacobs MJ 1007/S
  16. Marc Jacobs MJ 1003/S
    Marc Jacobs MJ 1003/S
  17. Marc Jacobs Marc 534/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 534/S
  18. Marc Jacobs Marc 362/S
    Marc Jacobs Marc 362/S
    From: £105.00
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About The Company

Marc Jacobs started up his self-titled label in 1986. Following on from his success, he decided to release his secondary fashion line, 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' in 2001. The MMJ label is more funky, playful and urban compared to the Marc Jacobs label. This half of the line is more grown-up, sophisticated, and sensual. The designs in the MJ label are very glamorous and luxurious which appeals to an older audience.

Marc won Menswear, Womenswear, and Accessories Designer of the Year awards in 2001. Since then, the successful designer has won many more awards for his brilliant designs and flair with fashion garments.

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

MJ sunglasses are sophisticated, glamorous and classic. Despite its classy looks, the sunglasses collection is relatively modern; think 21st Century glamour as opposed to full-on 1920's glamour appeal. A few of the cat-eye sunglass styles in the collection does embody the looks of Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. Celebrities who are currently in love with this luxurious brand includes Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton. Even Brad Pitt is a fan of the brand.

When picking your designer sunglasses, you may come across a drop-box selection for which frame size you want. The frame size measurements are listed as two sets of digits; the first set represents the sunglass lens size and the second set of digits represents the measurement across the bridge of the nose. If you have a very low nose bridge or your nose is very small, you will need to select a frame size with less than 15 (mm), for example, 53-15. All frame size measurements are indicated in millimetres (mm).