Linda Farrow

Timeless in design, uncompromising in quality, unabashedly luxurious, Linda Farrow takes sunglasses to the next level. The first to treat sunglasses as fashion, Linda Farrow's cutting-edge sunglasses collection rose to fame quickly in the 70s with the international jet set and stylish Londoners. His son revived the company in 2003 and their success and popularity just keep rising since then.

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  1. Linda Farrow CALTHORPE LFL251 SUN
    Linda Farrow CALTHORPE LFL251 SUN
  2. Linda Farrow ALONA LFL901 SUN
    Linda Farrow ALONA LFL901 SUN
  3. Linda Farrow KEW LFL457 SUN
    Linda Farrow KEW LFL457 SUN
  4. Linda Farrow Kings LFL747 SUN
    Linda Farrow Kings LFL747 SUN
  5. Linda Farrow SIMON LFL479 SUN
    Linda Farrow SIMON LFL479 SUN
  6. Philip Lim PL11
    Philip Lim PL11
  7. Matthew Williamson MW142
    Matthew Williamson MW142
  8. Linda Farrow LFL71 SUN
    Linda Farrow LFL71 SUN
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