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  1. Chloe Cayla CE754S
    Chloe Cayla CE754S
  2. Tiffany TF3063
    Tiffany TF3063
  3. Prada Catwalk SPR22V
    Prada Catwalk SPR22V
  4. Swarovski SK0220
    Swarovski SK0220
  5. Valentino VA2028
    Valentino VA2028
  6. Miu Miu SMU57U
    Miu Miu SMU57U
  7. Prada SPR09W
    Prada SPR09W
  8. Prada SPR50W
    Prada SPR50W
  9. Balenciaga BB0126S
    Balenciaga BB0126S
  10. Tom Ford Leah TF849
    Tom Ford Leah TF849
  11. Jimmy Choo ALEXIS/S
    Jimmy Choo ALEXIS/S
  12. Celine CL40166I
    Celine CL40166I
  13. Gucci GG0921S
    Gucci GG0921S
  14. Gucci GG0889S
    Gucci GG0889S
  15. Gucci GG0875S
    Gucci GG0875S
  16. Dior DDIORF Asian Fit
    Dior DDIORF Asian Fit
  17. Fendi FF0409/S
    Fendi FF0409/S
  18. Fendi FF0345/S
    Fendi FF0345/S
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Butterfly Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

If you are after a fashionable, flattering, feminine fit for your next pair of glasses, you have come to the right page. The butterfly shape was first recognised as a popular sunglasses shape in the 1940s by Harper's Bazaar. Firstly made famous by style icon Jackie Onassis, butterfly sunglasses have been a popular shape in women’s eyewear ever since. In fact, Ray-Ban has named the ‘Ray-Ban Jackie Ohhh’ after her! As a timeless classic, the butterfly style is reinvented each year by top fashion brands like CHANEL, Tiffany and Dolce&Gabbana. Once you have chosen your favourite pair of designer butterfly sunglasses, you can then try them on using our virtual try-on. Then, add your prescription lenses: we also have polarised and gradient lenses available too!