Barton Perreira

Barton Perreira's rigorous manufacturing process focuses on perfecting every detail, from the frame’s foundation to its deep glossy finish, which results in beautiful eyewear with an emphasis on finish, feel, and fit. Handmade in Japan, its material selection and uncompromising process results in a light, durable product.
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  1. Barton Perreira Norton SUN As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
    Barton Perreira Norton SUN As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
  2. Barton Perreira Courtier As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
    Barton Perreira Courtier As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
  3. Barton Perreira Solstress
    Barton Perreira Solstress
  4. Barton Perreira Harald SUN
    Barton Perreira Harald SUN
  5. Barton Perreira Joe As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
    Barton Perreira Joe As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
  6. Barton Perreira Wahine
    Barton Perreira Wahine
  7. Barton Perreira Vesuvio
    Barton Perreira Vesuvio
  8. Barton Perreira Thurston
    Barton Perreira Thurston
  9. Barton Perreira Princeton
    Barton Perreira Princeton
  10. Barton Perreira Patchett
    Barton Perreira Patchett
  11. Barton Perreira Mystere
    Barton Perreira Mystere
  12. Barton Perreira Lancer
    Barton Perreira Lancer
  13. Barton Perreira Kalua
    Barton Perreira Kalua
  14. Barton Perreira Espiritu
    Barton Perreira Espiritu
  15. Barton Perreira Coltrane
    Barton Perreira Coltrane
  16. Barton Perreira Chevalier
    Barton Perreira Chevalier
  17. Barton Perreira Captivant
    Barton Perreira Captivant
  18. Barton Perreira Bolsha
    Barton Perreira Bolsha
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