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  1. Ray-Ban RB7140
    Ray-Ban RB7140
  2. Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB6392
    Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB6392
  3. Ray-Ban RB2447V
    Ray-Ban RB2447V
  4. Oakley Pitchman R OX8105
    Oakley Pitchman R OX8105
  5. Ray-Ban RB3947V
    Ray-Ban RB3947V
  6. Tom Ford Horn Tom N.15
    Tom Ford Horn Tom N.15
  7. Polo Ralph Lauren PH2193
    Polo Ralph Lauren PH2193
  8. FENDI FF M0065
    FENDI FF M0065
  9. Carrera 2008T
    Carrera 2008T
  10. Tommy Hilfiger TH1703
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1703
  11. Tommy Hilfiger TH1624/G
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1624/G
  12. Hugo Boss 1056
    Hugo Boss 1056
  13. Longchamp LO2608
    Longchamp LO2608
  14. Persol PO3212V
    Persol PO3212V
  15. Hugo Boss 1005
    Hugo Boss 1005
  16. Tommy Hilfiger TH1688
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1688
  17. Chole CE2150
    Chole CE2150
  18. Kate Spade Joshann
    Kate Spade Joshann
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Round Glasses

I bet you didn’t know the famous wizard Harry Potter would also double as a fashion icon: now we all want his round metal frames! Round glasses are extremely popular for both men and women this year, as the round silhouette balances angular facial features, becoming a flattering fit for everyone. This stylish shape is available in both metal and acetate models, as well as in a large range of colourways and sizes. Shop Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples and Linda Farrow for the most stylish prescription designer glasses. You can then choose from the most advanced array of optical lenses including Essilor, Nikon and Ray-Ban as well as our exclusive Fashion Eyewear packages. And don’t forget to try on your round designer glasses before you buy with our virtual try-on. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a working camera!