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  1. Ray-Ban RB7140
    Ray-Ban RB7140
    From: £147.00
  2. Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB6392
    Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB6392
    From: £120.00
  3. Ray-Ban RB2447V
    Ray-Ban RB2447V
    From: £138.00
  4. Oakley Pitchman R OX8105
    Oakley Pitchman R OX8105
    From: £147.00
  5. Ray-Ban RB3947V
    Ray-Ban RB3947V
    From: £129.00
  6. Polo Ralph Lauren PH2193
    Polo Ralph Lauren PH2193
    From: £138.00
  7. Carrera 2008T
    Carrera 2008T
  8. Tommy Hilfiger TH1703
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1703
    From: £114.00
  9. Tommy Hilfiger TH1624/G
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1624/G
  10. Hugo Boss 1056
    Hugo Boss 1056
    From: £231.00
  11. Longchamp LO2608
    Longchamp LO2608
    From: £138.00
  12. Hugo Boss 1005
    Hugo Boss 1005
    From: £174.00
  13. Tommy Hilfiger TH1688
    Tommy Hilfiger TH1688
  14. Chole CE2150
    Chole CE2150
    From: £306.00
  15. Kate Spade Joshann
    Kate Spade Joshann
    From: £129.00
  16. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Gaze RB4354V
    Ray-Ban Clubmaster Gaze RB4354V
    From: £129.00
  17. Giorgio Armani AR7004
    Giorgio Armani AR7004
    From: £198.00
  18. Polaroid PLD D357/G
    Polaroid PLD D357/G
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Round Glasses

I bet you didn’t know the famous wizard Harry Potter would also double as a fashion icon: now we all want his round metal frames! Round glasses are extremely popular for both men and women this year, as the round silhouette balances angular facial features, becoming a flattering fit for everyone. This stylish shape is available in both metal and acetate models, as well as in a large range of colourways and sizes. Shop Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples and Linda Farrow for the most stylish prescription designer glasses. You can then choose from the most advanced array of optical lenses including Essilor, Nikon and Ray-Ban as well as our exclusive Fashion Eyewear packages. And don’t forget to try on your round designer glasses before you buy with our virtual try-on. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a working camera!