Persol Glasses

Persol Glasses

Persol is known for its outstanding quality and technical features as well as beautiful craftsmanship. Persol glasses have been worn by great names in the world of cinema: Robert de Niro, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Craig and Steve McQueen.

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  1. Persol PO3007V
    Persol PO3007V
    From: £180.00
  2. Persol PO3213V
    Persol PO3213V
    From: £195.00
  3. Persol PO3185V
    Persol PO3185V
    From: £237.00
  4. Persol PO2410VJ
    Persol PO2410VJ
    From: £189.00
  5. Persol PO2886V
    Persol PO2886V
    From: £189.00
  6. Persol PO3254V
    Persol PO3254V
    From: £198.00
  7. Persol PO3253V
    Persol PO3253V
    From: £198.00
  8. Persol PO3266V
    Persol PO3266V
    From: £180.00
  9. Persol PO3263V
    Persol PO3263V
    From: £189.00
  10. Persol PO3258V
    Persol PO3258V
    From: £180.00
  11. Persol PO3218V
    Persol PO3218V
    From: £189.00
  12. Persol PO3189V
    Persol PO3189V
    From: £219.00
  13. Persol PO3050V
    Persol PO3050V
    From: £168.00
  14. Persol PO3252V
    Persol PO3252V
    From: £198.00
  15. Persol PO9714VM
    Persol PO9714VM
    From: £219.00
  16. Persol PO3143V
    Persol PO3143V
    From: £180.00
  17. Persol PO3092V
    Persol PO3092V
    From: £180.00
  18. Persol PO3007VM
    Persol PO3007VM
    From: £189.00
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The Story

Every brand has a story but none like the story of Persol. Every design feature tells a unique and individual story. The company was founded in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti who was a photographer and shop owner of Berry Opticians.

With his optical background, Ratti wanted to create an optical frame that would be able to satisfy the demands of sports drivers and pilots who require function, protection and clarity from their eyewear. Persol sunglasses revolutionised the whole definition sunglasses in 1930 in terms of quality, safety and comfort.

The Eyewear Collection

The high quality of the frames and the standard of comfort and function excel any high street brands avaialable. Unlike high street brands that usually focus on extravagant designs and un-necessary adornments of jewels, Persol takes the minimalistic approach. Sometimes the most simplistic creations are the most beautiful of them all.

Persol eyewear is truly unique. The neat design of the frame, the flexible frame arms, the revolutionary nose bridge, and the silver arrow are all features that make frames stand out from the crowd. The optical collection is divided into three categories; Design, Suprema, and Classics.

Design Collection

Combining old and new, this collection offers the latest technology and design which includes the new supreme arrow. Most optical frames in this collection have a thin frame design and are typically semi-rimless or rimless.

Suprema Collection

The Suprema collection offers you the iconic frame, crafted from the finest selection of precious and luxurious materials. Most of the frames in this collection are typically chunky, rectangle shapes or squared, with a full-rimmed setting.

Classics Collection

This collection was created for men and women who find quality extremely important and also admire the brand's elegant trademark looks. The simple styling of the models lets you really focus on the brilliant craftsmanship of the frames.