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  1. Chloe Bonnie CE2743
    Chloe Bonnie CE2743
    From: £264.00
  2. Versace VE1263
    Versace VE1263
    From: £192.00
  3. Jimmy Choo JC153
    Jimmy Choo JC153
    From: £216.00
  4. Jimmy Choo JC246/G
    Jimmy Choo JC246/G
    From: £234.00
  5. Ray-Ban RB7152
    Ray-Ban RB7152
    From: £108.00
  6. Jimmy Choo JC241
    Jimmy Choo JC241
    From: £165.00
  7. Valentino VA3034
    Valentino VA3034
    From: £273.00
  8. Kate Spade Atlee/F
    Kate Spade Atlee/F
  9. Ray-Ban RB8747
    Ray-Ban RB8747
    From: £195.00
  10. Cartier Syracuse CT0056O
    Cartier Syracuse CT0056O
  11. Cutler and Gross 1304
    Cutler and Gross 1304
    From: £295.00
  12. Ray-Ban Junior RB1545
    Ray-Ban Junior RB1545
    From: £93.00
  13. Valentino VA1003
    Valentino VA1003
    From: £273.00
  14. Chloe CE2716
    Chloe CE2716
    From: £210.00
  15. Versace VE1248B
    Versace VE1248B
    From: £222.00
  16. Vogue VO4088
    Vogue VO4088
    From: £111.00
  17. DITA Schema Two DTX131
    DITA Schema Two DTX131
    From: £635.00
  18. Gucci GG0880O
    Gucci GG0880O
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Oval Glasses

Do you fancy a fashionable pair of oval glasses? Oval shape glasses are a staple style that you can rely on for years to come. The oval shape is a combination of the round frame and the dimensions of a rectangular model. If you are stuck between those two shapes, you know you can always meet in the middle with oval eyewear! Oval glasses are designed to create a harmonious, rounded silhouette which is flattering for all face shapes, both for men and women, balancing out any angular facial features. You can browse our oval collection and use our virtual try-on to find out for yourself! Once you are satisfied with your new oval specs, you can add your prescription lenses at the checkout. We offer both varifocal and single vision lenses from Nikon, Essilor, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban as well as our exclusive Fashion Eyewear packages.