Fendi Glasses

Fendi Glasses

Daring creativity, opulent Roman style and artisanal excellence describes the Italian fashion house. Contemporary and innovative designs mixed with high class Italian luxury under the creative genius of Karl Lagerfeld. Be the leader, be distinctive in Fendi! All glasses are available with prescription lenses.

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  1. Fendi FF0462
    Fendi FF0462
    From: £159.00
  2. Fendi FF0346
    Fendi FF0346
    From: £204.00
  3. Fendi FF M0078
    Fendi FF M0078
    From: £165.00
  4. Fendi FF0353
    Fendi FF0353
  5. FENDI FF0376
    FENDI FF0376
  6. FENDI FF0393
    FENDI FF0393
    From: £171.00
  7. Fendi FF0442/G
    Fendi FF0442/G
    From: £159.00
  8. Fendi FF0448
    Fendi FF0448
  9. Fendi FF M0102
    Fendi FF M0102
    From: £165.00
  10. FENDI FF0387
    FENDI FF0387
  11. Fendi FF0445
    Fendi FF0445
  12. Fendi FF M0107
    Fendi FF M0107
    From: £195.00
  13. Fendi FF0466/G
    Fendi FF0466/G
  14. FENDI FF0388
    FENDI FF0388
    From: £174.00
  15. Fendi FF0461/G
    Fendi FF0461/G
  16. Fendi FF0227
    Fendi FF0227
  17. Fendi FF0350
    Fendi FF0350
  18. Fendi FF0351
    Fendi FF0351
  19. FENDI FF M0061
    FENDI FF M0061
  20. FENDI FF0392
    FENDI FF0392
  21. FENDI FF0390/G
    FENDI FF0390/G
  22. Fendi FF0417
    Fendi FF0417
  23. Fendi FF0464
    Fendi FF0464
  24. Fendi FF M0087
    Fendi FF M0087
  25. Fendi FF0441
    Fendi FF0441
  26. Fendi FF0447
    Fendi FF0447
  27. Fendi Fendirama FF0352
    Fendi Fendirama FF0352
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With Karl Lagerfeld at the helm as a fashion designer and creative director, Fendi glasses are stylish and simple with some models modelled from the sunglasses line. The best way to accessorise a pair of Fendi glasses is to wear them with a simple outfit and accessories so as to make them stand out and take centre stage. There are some colourful choices in our Fendi catalogue which include some very muted and neutral colours, the entire catalogue is a myriad of creative designs and concepts that are easy on the eyes and offer the option of style throughout the year.

Some of the most popular models in the optical collection include the Fendi FF0046 and FF0050 optical frames. They maintain the simple and minimalistic style the brand adopted when Karl became the Creative Director. This is in stark contrast to the sunglasses range which has released stunning high fashion eyewear models like the Iridia and the Orchidea.

For people who would like to expand their glasses collection or maybe exchange their everyday pair for a frame that will add a little bit of colour and life to their routine and outfits – the Fendi collection has a diverse and budget-friendly selection of frames that are designed and crafted specifically for women. The French brand still manages to offer a part of its background and heritage without neglecting current trends and ways of dressing.