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  1. Valentino VA3039
    Valentino VA3039
    From: £252.00
  2. Kate Spade Lilah/F
    Kate Spade Lilah/F
  3. Tiffany TF2158B
    Tiffany TF2158B
    From: £333.00
  4. Vogue VO5002B
    Vogue VO5002B
    From: £120.00
  5. Ralph Lauren RL6171
    Ralph Lauren RL6171
    From: £159.00
  6. Dolce&Gabbana DG5036
    Dolce&Gabbana DG5036
    From: £225.00
  7. Ralph Lauren RL6174
    Ralph Lauren RL6174
    From: £168.00
  8. Chopard VCHF15S
    Chopard VCHF15S
    From: £657.00
  9. Jimmy Choo JC304
    Jimmy Choo JC304
    From: £195.00
  10. Tom Ford TF5744-B
    Tom Ford TF5744-B
    From: £249.00
  11. Balenciaga BB0142O
    Balenciaga BB0142O
    From: £291.00
  12. Alexander Mcqueen AM0320O
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0320O
  13. Chloe CH0011O
    Chloe CH0011O
  14. Givenchy GV0135
    Givenchy GV0135
    From: £225.00
  15. Oliver Peoples Willetta OV5447U
    Oliver Peoples Willetta OV5447U
    From: £300.00
  16. Prada VPR04W
    Prada VPR04W
    From: £210.00
  17. Prada VPR11X
    Prada VPR11X
    From: £201.00
  18. Valentino VA1019
    Valentino VA1019
    From: £294.00
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Butterfly Glasses

Butterfly glasses have been worn by the most stylish icons throughout history, so if you are after a fashionable, flattering, feminine fit for your next pair of glasses, you have come to the right page. The butterfly shape was first recognised as a popular eyewear shape in the 1940s by fashion publication Harper's Bazaar, and has been a popular shape to women’s eyewear ever since. As a timeless classic, the butterfly frame is reinvented each year by top fashion brands like CHANEL, Tiffany and Dolce&Gabbana. If you are struggling to decide on your favourite model you can narrow down your search by trying on our frames virtually: simply click our virtual try-on and using your camera on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can then decide if the butterfly is the best frame for you. Once you have narrowed down your favourite frames, you can add your prescription lenses to your butterfly glasses. We stock the most advanced optical brands in the industry, including Nikon, Essilor, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban. We also have our own Fashion Eyewear packages, to make the selection easier for you and to meet any prescription requirements, whether you need varifocal or single vision lenses.