Designer Clip Ons

We have a range of designer frames you can choose from, from Tom Ford to Ray-Ban or Oliver Peoples, so you no longer have to carry around two pairs of prescription eyewear!
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  1. Dita Epiluxury EPLX.7 DEX007 With Clip-on
    Dita Epiluxury EPLX.7 DEX007 With Clip-on
  2. Tom Ford TF5690-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5690-B With Clip-on
  3. Tom Ford TF5689-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5689-B With Clip-on
  4. Tom Ford TF5682-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5682-B With Clip-on
  5. Tom Ford TF5641-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5641-B With Clip-on
  6. Tom Ford TF5294 Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5294 Clip-on
  7. Tom Ford TF5533-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5533-B With Clip-on
  8. Tom Ford TF5532-B With Clip-on
    Tom Ford TF5532-B With Clip-on
  9. Tom Ford TF5514 Clip-On
    Tom Ford TF5514 Clip-On
  10. Tom Ford TF5513 Clip-On
    Tom Ford TF5513 Clip-On
  11. Tom Ford TF5496 Clip-On
    Tom Ford TF5496 Clip-On
  12. Tom Ford TF5401 CLIP-ON
    Tom Ford TF5401 CLIP-ON
  13. Ray-Ban Clip-On RB6355C
    Ray-Ban Clip-On RB6355C
  14. Ray-Ban Clip-On RB6317C
    Ray-Ban Clip-On RB6317C
  15. Ray-Ban Clip-On RB5228C
    Ray-Ban Clip-On RB5228C
  16. Ray-Ban Clip-On RB2447C
    Ray-Ban Clip-On RB2447C
  17. Ray-Ban Clip-On RB2180C
    Ray-Ban Clip-On RB2180C
  18. Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Clip-on OV5036C
    Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Clip-on OV5036C
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Clip-on Glasses

Why buy two pairs of glasses when you can buy one? Clip-on glasses are both fashionable, practical as well as cost-effective. We have a range of designer frames you can choose from, from Tom Ford to Ray-Ban or Oliver Peoples. Some clip-on’s are sold separately to your glasses, this is ideal if you already have a pair of Ray-Ban or Oliver Peoples glasses at home and you just want to add your sunglasses lenses to your favourite frames. Please make sure you buy the correct clip-on though! Just look at the product code to double-check and then add your prescription lenses.