A synonym of supreme tradition, experimentation and exclusivity since it's foundation in 1925, Fendi draws inspiration from the magic of Rome and aristocratic femininity blending Italian luxury with contemporary style.
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  1. Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
    Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
  2. Fendi Signature-F Is FF0327/S
    Fendi Signature-F Is FF0327/S
  3. Fendi Run Away FF0285/S
    Fendi Run Away FF0285/S
  4. Fendi Signature-F Is FF0323/S
    Fendi Signature-F Is FF0323/S
  5. Fendi FF0306/S
    Fendi FF0306/S
  6. Fendi FF0380/G/S
    Fendi FF0380/G/S
  7. Fendi Facets FF0263/S
    Fendi Facets FF0263/S
  8. Fendi FF0382/S
    Fendi FF0382/S
  9. Fendi Can Eye FF0259/S
    Fendi Can Eye FF0259/S
  10. Fendi FF0399/S
    Fendi FF0399/S
  11. Fendi Fendirama FF0343/S
    Fendi Fendirama FF0343/S
  12. Fendi Eyeline FF0194/S
    Fendi Eyeline FF0194/S
  13. Fendi FF0360/G/S
    Fendi FF0360/G/S
  14. Fendi FF0359/S
    Fendi FF0359/S
  15. Fendi FF M0068/S
    Fendi FF M0068/S
  16. Fendi  Ribbons and Pearls FF0295/S
    Fendi Ribbons and Pearls FF0295/S
  17. Fendi Signature-F Is FF0319/G/S
    Fendi Signature-F Is FF0319/G/S
  18. Fendi Urban FF M0029/S
    Fendi Urban FF M0029/S
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The Fendi Story

If there was an ultimate list of celebrity sunglasses and the brand’s celebrities like to have adorned on their face, then Fendi would definitely be on that list. Some of the celebrities who have been spotted in their Fendi sunglasses include British singer Lily Allen, model Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway just to name a few. With the craftsmanship and clear innovation that comes through these frames, it is clear to see why so many of our favourite celebs own a pair of Fendi sunnies.

Our catalog is diverse and includes both classically beautiful frames that are designed in the manner and style we have come to know and love; on the other hand, we have daring and funky frames that are part of the newer and more dynamic image the brand is pursuing. This is in the form of the Fendi Iridia, Fendi Hypnoshine and Fendi Eyeshine Sunglasses that have gained much recognition and popularity in the social media community.

Best selling Fendi Sunglasses

Best selling Sunglasses from the brand include the new Fendi Run Away model as seen on Gigi Hadid, Fendi Eye Can, Fendi Paradeyes and Fendi Eyeline.